Sunday, March 20, 2011

now i understand....

i dont know either to listen for my hearts' word or my decission. because i made it not passing through my hearth but from what i listened through wind blow...

please go, please move away and please return back my heart.. easyly i can erase you from my mind without broke my heart. only 1 i regret about..why, u refuse to make it clear before it become worst. listen this such thing from others, not from the real you make me dissapointed, lucky i still under my control, but i still not sure either the story is true or not, i hope u will explain it, but ofcourse u will not.

please go now....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

matured enough with my life now???

last night, i dont know what actually  happened, but i cry like baby crab. miss my mom so much, my mood just run off. i'm not ready to stand in this world by my everything by my own, without mom beside.i thought i strong already, but i still thinking of mom..but until when, i dont know what time i will mature enough and never depending on mom.

Monday, February 28, 2011

nothing to worry if you believe what Allah settup for us...

i believe it, but like others said, u should put some effort to achieve it..its true since Allah suke kepada hamba yang berusaha, so conclusion, only berharap without any effort same like wait for the money fall down from the sky. may be, jodoh, rezeki, ajal itu sudah ditentukan, but if we put some effort, we may b can satisfy our need and target. Berusaha, bertawakkal and menerima dgn rasa syukur..after you work hard for getting something, finally u fail to grab will accept without any regret. saat itu, terima la taqdir kerana sesengguh nye, hanya Allah yg lbh mengetahui.

semoga saya seorang yang xpernah berputus asa-berusaha dan mampu menerima ketentuan dr NYA, amin yarabbal alamin:)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

silent for you...

dear my beloved friend,
i'm walking slowly, my intention doest want you to wake up or realize i'm standing beside you.
please keep moving to achive what u pursue to aspire, what you really excited for

just keep moving forward, i only want to kee quite, to let you choose your own way, to make you comfort making decision. but, i always pray for you, always happy for your success.

no matter what happened in the past, the moment we spent together as university's student totally different from now. u and me must learn how to adapt with new environment, must cope wit commitmment. it just ne wfor us. and let take some more time to make our self can afford it.

i like to see how you walk through the positions, to make sure you never give up, be strong and make a wise decision. may be u feel lost at some time, just return back to your initial mission, remember Allah and your parent also let me know what is about, my pleasure to comfort you dear.

good luck and may Allah bless buth of us...

khalid - his last day

only chocolate i prepared for him, spent two month with him make me feel sad to say good buy, thank for being a good friend during internship time..ofcourse i will pray for you and wish you will graduate on time as well as me..uhuksss...(start perasan)... o yeah, he pormise to post me some australia choc. lets we see either you just ' kencing' me or serious.. but, i know u always talk nonsense..

but, i still remember, u help me alot within gcad industrial, sometime you bully me, but i know at the same time u defend me..thank you...

bubye khalid, and good luck...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

only believe your own self....

if you want to love someone, just love your self,
if you want to huge someone, its better for yourself,
when you miss someone, miss much your own self,

yes..all about your self....

you know why, when we think about our self much important than others, we will make a better decision,
its actually also help us to be a good muslim. make a good decision for our own self mean must be follow the rules of ahkam in holy qoran, only that is the correct way to love our own self...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

time is limited now:(

time always running, and we must chase it..that was correct, if i can stop it from keep running, may be 7 years ago, i already estoppel it. so, my age just remain 17 years old. yest to many thing i want to do in 17 years old. the most important thing, i want to appreciate each minutes..may be i study harder to score the best in SPM.

dont blame me  as a person who are not going to thankful for what i got today. but may be a little regret on what happened in the past...its okay la...but now i realize my current age do not allow me to spend much more longer time to enjoy as before.

i must plan for future, and cope with commitment and must consider my responsibility. after finish my study, my life actually just begin, i need to start new phase in my life. i must improve everything...of course the most important thing is to be a pure muslim with follow the rule inside Holy Qoran.

i hope, berkat doa from my parent will lead me to the successful life di dunia and akhirat. insyallah:)