Wednesday, February 16, 2011

silent for you...

dear my beloved friend,
i'm walking slowly, my intention doest want you to wake up or realize i'm standing beside you.
please keep moving to achive what u pursue to aspire, what you really excited for

just keep moving forward, i only want to kee quite, to let you choose your own way, to make you comfort making decision. but, i always pray for you, always happy for your success.

no matter what happened in the past, the moment we spent together as university's student totally different from now. u and me must learn how to adapt with new environment, must cope wit commitmment. it just ne wfor us. and let take some more time to make our self can afford it.

i like to see how you walk through the positions, to make sure you never give up, be strong and make a wise decision. may be u feel lost at some time, just return back to your initial mission, remember Allah and your parent also let me know what is about, my pleasure to comfort you dear.

good luck and may Allah bless buth of us...