Wednesday, February 9, 2011

seandainye dia untuk saya...

i don't think every1 in this world deny to believe of loving some1. for me, who those try to say love is nothing only stick to their 'ego'. i believe it, i love that moment and i think it help me to build my self esteem. but, certain people define it in the wrong side, they practice the wrong way to show their love...i don't want to say here i'm good 1. since i always refuse my own self to falling in love until i meet him. i really not sure either i fall in love with im or not, but he actually derive me to achive my dream. thank for you, my dear friend.

eventhough we never declare our relationship, and only started as a friend and goes to best friend. we taking care each other and the most important we support and understand each other. it enough for me actually. i have my own reason why i never want to declare our relationship, this is because i dont want to fight againts my fate. i believe 'jodoh' is in god's hand. i dont know either you is my fate or not. so lets our relationship growing as a good friend.

i dont know what you think about our relationship, but for me you always make me happy and excited to work hard.. when i start to do something i will finish it successfully since i know you will always encourage me and stand by my side and also waiting to final result. i know, you will not read this, but i sure u understand me more than others. by this kind of relationship, we never fight each other, we just want each of us enjoy with our relationship and rely on Taqdir for further decision.

only what i can say here is THANK YOU, for everythings....