Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my precious time

2011 already, i think for 2010, not too much i post here, but its okay la since last year i really busy tried to study hard and score the best. and finally i got it....:) eventhough it was below than my target, but still achieve what i aspire for la..enough to make mom and abah smile on graduation day...insyallh it will be on this coming November.

now, I'm doing my internship with sime i learn alot, i think 5 months here will help me to achieve my objective. people here very nice to me..teach and trait me like senior junior. sometime advice. what i realize here i really develop my confident level and improve my communication skills. i also make my own self familiarize with the real work environment area, and how to create a good relationship with peers who are coming from different races and different experience background. yes, this condition help me to be more mature and get ready to workforce environment.

but, untill now i still cannot reach to final decision either to further my study and join industry to gain some experience. i think this is big important decision and i should think carefully since i realize it will effect my future. so, lets take some more time to  think about it carefully. but, of course my parent, sisters and future family will influence my decision for this time.

honestly, now i really miss my precious time during primary, high school and university time...i miss all parts the way i has growing up, the journey i pass through, and of course my friends that make my life colorful with happiness. for me it was a long journey to reach at my age now...but, its was actually the sources that help to build my characteristic now. yes, still alot  to be improve and change, insyallah i pray for allah to remind me always and kindly provide me Nur hidayah seperti yg tercatat inside surah An- nur.

like my mom said, your previous time is all memory you should keep it in your mind, there are our story which includes happy, sad, love, guilty, arrogant, scary and any other feeling. TQ mom, TQ abah, TQ jah~mell~erniq and TQ every1..becouse of them, i learn how to cope with challenges, obstacle to understand normal life.

see all next time...

~Nurul Farhana Mazlan~