Wednesday, February 9, 2011

time is limited now:(

time always running, and we must chase it..that was correct, if i can stop it from keep running, may be 7 years ago, i already estoppel it. so, my age just remain 17 years old. yest to many thing i want to do in 17 years old. the most important thing, i want to appreciate each minutes..may be i study harder to score the best in SPM.

dont blame me  as a person who are not going to thankful for what i got today. but may be a little regret on what happened in the past...its okay la...but now i realize my current age do not allow me to spend much more longer time to enjoy as before.

i must plan for future, and cope with commitment and must consider my responsibility. after finish my study, my life actually just begin, i need to start new phase in my life. i must improve everything...of course the most important thing is to be a pure muslim with follow the rule inside Holy Qoran.

i hope, berkat doa from my parent will lead me to the successful life di dunia and akhirat. insyallah:)